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Oct 22, 2020

On Saturday 31st October, SSFA Under 16 boys will take on Bedfordshire looking to become only the second Staffordshire Under 16 Boys team to win the National Final. The game was originally scheduled to take place in May but was postponed due to Covid-19. SSFA are delighted that most of the players get their well-earned opportunity to become national champions. The management team of Bailey Evans and Oz Rowley will be looking to add their 2nd national title in 3 years, this time assisted by 2 ex-SSFA National Champions Jack Bromfield and Alex Minshull. The team is also hoping to become the second Staffordshire team to win national final honours in the prolonged 2019-2020 season following the Under 18 boys being declared joint winners a few weeks ago.

Unfortunately, Staffordshire's squad will not consist all of their players from the 2019-2020 season following the EFL's decision to prevent 4 members of the squad from playing in a national final in which they worked so hard for and deeply deserved the opportunity to play in the final. However, the Staffordshire squad remains full of talent and relish their underdog status as they have done on so many occasions in the 3 years the squad has been together. SSFA thank all of the boys involved this season for their attitude, commitment and incredible hard work culminating in this final game together.

Special mention must also go to the parents of the Under 16 boys squad - their superb backing of the players throughout the 3 years has been outstanding and no doubt helped both the players and coaching team!

It is with regret that due to the current Covid-19 situation, NO SPECTATORS WILL BE ALLOWED TO ATTEND THE GAME. Instead, the ESFA will provide a live stream for the game on YouTube which can be found on the day at We kindly ask all parents/guardians to continue to follow the guidelines provided by the ESFA to ensure the final runs as smoothly as possible.

The squad for the National Final is as follows:

Kyle Curtis - Friary

James May - Cardinal Griffin

Morgan Payne - Walton

Jack Thomas - The Rawlett School

Louis Pelnens - Codsall

James Sutton - Weston Road

Charlie Pearsall (C) - John Taylor High School

Harvey Bannister-Smith - Blessed William Howard

Joe Baxter - Painsley

Lewi Burnside - Netherstowe High School

Joe Morley - Cardinal Griffin

Harry Buzzard - Erasmus Darwin Academy

Jake Finney - Endon High School

Morgan Russell - Erasmus Darwin Academy

Keelan Summerfield - Walton

Joseph Scriven - Codsall

Players that are unable to play due to the EFL preventing them from doing so:

Callum Niven - John Taylor High School

Greg Lewis - Friary

Huw Emery - De Ferrers Academy

Eden Bailey - Trentham High School

Oct 12, 2020

Please be aware that, until FINAL squad lists are published, ALL trialists are still “in the mix” for selection. Various teams may hold extra friendlies or events which, due to COVID-19, not all will be able to attend. But inclusion/omission in these extra trial events is not indicative of being part of the final squad or not.

Also, as discussed at trials, coaches cannot offer individual feedback to unsuccessful trialists, as we simply do not have the human, time or analytical resources. Thanks in advance of your understanding.

Oct 9, 2020

Further to the recent trials at Stafford Town on Monday 28th September, the Management team have provided the following update:

Following an excellent trial involving new trialists and the existing squad from last season, a further trial will be announced shortly in the form of a friendly game, most likely against Newcastle College. This will allow the coaches to finalise the squad for the forthcoming Inter County season which is planned to commence in January.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who attended the initial trial. The standard as always was excellent.

Once a date for the final trial game is finalised, we will post the squad for that game on here.

Oct 8, 2020

Following the incredible achievement of the Under 18 Boys team reaching the National Final in the 2019/2020 season pre-covid, Staffordshire School’s FA and Gloucestershire SFA have now been crowned joint winners by the ESFA. Despite the best efforts to play the final, under 18s prove a difficult age group to keep together with a lot of players moving on to university (some abroad), made even more difficult with the current pandemic and travel restrictions.

Nevertheless, the Under 18 Boys squad, alongside the coaching team of Mark Culverhouse, Greg Valentine and Matt Skinner should be extremely proud of their 2019/2020 season and huge congratulations go out to everyone involved. Players will be awarded with their medals in due course and SSFA hope to get the squad back together when it is safe to do so in recognition of their achievements.

The Under 16 Boys national final against Bedfordshire is still scheduled to go ahead towards the end of the month.

Sep 30, 2020

Due to restrictions of numbers, nominations for Monday's U14 Boys trial are now CLOSED. Thanks so much to all the teachers who nominated!

If you have nominated/been nominated, please send a follow up email or direct message with position(s), as the trial will be split across 2 sessions.

SSFA look forward to the U14 Boys trial on Monday and look to continue our return to football in the safe and Covid-secure manner as the trials have done so far.

Sep 14, 2020

Monday evening saw Staffordshire Schools FA hold their first county trial ahead of the upcoming season. The Under 18 Boys trialled at Stafford Town FC and there was some excellent quality on show in our first ‘Covid-Secure’ return to football event. Those who attended the Under 18s trial on Monday are advised to keep an eye on their emails and the SSFA website for more information regarding squad selection or further trial updates.

It is with thanks to the players, parents, coaches and volunteers for adhering to the guidelines as well as those at Stafford Town FC for allowing the evening to run smoothly and safely. This new way of normal must be continued to ensure the next set of trials for other age groups in the coming weeks also run safely. For a reminder of SSFA's Covid-Secure documents for our return to football, please click the link here.

Sep 8, 2020

Staffordshire Schools FA are working hard to ensure a return to county football is safe ahead of the upcoming season. Trial information has been emailed out to PE staff and further information regarding trials will also be emailed to schools. Without a nomination from their school, players cannot trial!

Staffordshire Schools FA look forward to welcoming back players and also getting to know new faces ahead of the upcoming season. It is advised that all players, parents and coaches read through the SSFA Covid-19 page by clicking the link here. From there you will find the list of Covid regulations and updates ahead of SSFA's return to football.

Please note that the latest update from the government banning social gatherings of more than 6 people (from 14/09/2020) does not apply to organised team sports. Therefore, SSFA are still committed to a safe and Covid-secure return to football as planned ahead of the 2020/21 season.

Aug 12, 2020

Please find attached arrangements for John's funeral and the link to the donations page. Please click the link below or paste the link into your URL bar to access the website page.

Aug 8, 2020

It is with great sadness that I have to inform you of the sad passing of John Appleby on Friday 7th August.

As some of you know John had been ill for the last few months  and bore his illness with great strength and dignity. Our condolences go out to Janine and his family.

As yet no further details regarding funeral arrangements are known.

Jun 29, 2020

All competitions for next season are only provisional but potential entries need to be made so plans can be formulated to cater fir various scenarios. Seventeen  schools have made entries. No fees are required until there is certainty about he games going aheadso if your school wished to make an entry then use the form in the previous article.

May 19, 2020

Staffordshire SFA have called an end to season 19-20 due to the current pandemic. Teams who have reached the finals of the individual schools competitions will share the trophy and medals will be sent to schools when it is considered safe to do so. This is not a satisfactory conclusion to the season but the only one available and it is a model that has been used by the majority of the County associations nationwide.

What the future holds in the short term nobody knows but the County Association is planning for a resumption of activities for next season. This of course could be delayed and may not even happen but if and when a resumption is allowed then Staffordshire SFA will be ready.

Schools have been sent forms for entry into our individual schools competitions as well as nomination forms for the trials for the County sides next season. These have been duplicated below. It needs to made very clear that only teachers can nominate pupils for county trials, not clubs or parents. If there is a gifted and talented boy or girl who attends a school that is not actively involved in school football then the teacher in charge of PE needs to be approached to fill in the appropriate paperwork. Trials will only be held when it is safe to do so and unlike the past few seasons they will not be held prior to the autumn term.

The County Association hopes that all involved are staying safe and following the guidelines of social distancing to ensure that  all involved in our great game remain healthy.

Below is the newsletter sent to schools today

May 7, 2020

This coming bank holiday weekend would have seen a new chapter written into the long history of Staffordshire Schools Football. For the first time two teams had reached the finals of National competitions in the same season. The Under 18 Boys and the U16 Boys were due to play their finals at the Bet 365 stadium this weekend.

The Under 18 Boys were due to meet Gloucestershire having negotiated their way through ties against Cheshire (5-0),South Yorkshire (4-2) and Lancashire (2-1) to set up their place in the final. The management team of Mark Culverhouse, Greg Valentine and Matt Skinner were looking forward to leading oiut an extremely talented group which included three internationals from this seasons ESFA U18 squad. Having already clinched the MCF title the boys were confident of putting on a good show to try and bring the U18 National title to Staffordshire for the first time.

The Under 16 Boys were due to meet Bedfordshire having beaten Humberside (3-1), West Midlands (3-1) Cardiff and the Vale (4-1) and North Yorkshire (2-1) to earn their final tie. The team remained unbeaten this season and were looking to add a second title for managers Bailey Evans and Oz Rowley this time assisted by ex players Alex Minshull and Jack Bromfield.The majority of the squad have been together for three years and have been superb ambassadors for their schools.

There may be some clarification regarding the future in the next few days but it is looking increasingly likely that these games will remain unplayed. There are far more important issues at this moment in time and when people are losing their lives football is but a trivial distraction. However in the years to come all of the players from all teams that would have played in the finals will look back at what they will regard as a missed opportunity and will always ask 'What might have been'.

Apr 28, 2020

The MCF have finished the season as there is no chance of completion of the competitions due to the current situation with coronavirus. The championships have been awarded to the teams that topped the leagues when the suspension of the season happened in March.

Staffordshire boys have performed outstandingly well with the U18, u16,and the U15 boys winning the titles and the U14 Boys finishing as runners up in their competition. All three winners were unbeaten and the U14 boys tasted defeat once to the Chanpions West Midlands who were worthy winners.

The girls struggled to make an impact this season due to the RTC.s refusing to release girls for County matchess. Only a couple of sets of parents stood their ground and insisted that their daughters played County football for which the CSFA were very grateful.There will be a debate in the close season about the viability of continuing with girls representative football due to the facyt that counties who have RTC players available are so much stronger that they are totally dominant and can leave teams who do not have these players available at a distinct disadvantage. Parents committment to county football will be the key.

The winners of the competitions can be found below;

u14 boys  -  West Midlands

u15 boys - Staffordshire

u16 boys (east) - Lincolnshire

u16 boys (west) - Staffordshire

u18 boys - Staffordshire

u16 girls - Shropshire

u14 girls - West Midlands

The U18 and U16 boys still await news of wether or not they will be playing in the national finala

Apr 18, 2020

Can you answere the following ten questions/ Send answers to website.


  1. Which Burton Albion manager scored the first perfect hat trick in the premiere league?
  2. What first did Paulo Ferreira achieve ?
  3. Which first did Eric Cantona achieve ?
  4. Name 5 players who have scored 100 goals or more and only played for one premiers league club ?
  5. Name two goalkeepers who have played for Man City and kept more than 100 clean sheets ?
  6. Name 3 teams who have only spent one season in the premiere league ?
  7. Name two players who have played for Arsenal, Liverpool and Chelsea?
  8. Which is the only football league club that does not have any of the letters in mackerel in its name?
  9. If it was Naranjito in 1982, and Juanito in 1970, what was it in 1966?
  10. Which is the only team to have played in the Premier League, the old old Divisions 1, 2, 3 and 4, and Divisions 3 South and 3 North?


More questions to follow.

Mar 30, 2020

We at Staffordshire Schools'FA hope that all of or players, parents teachers are staying safe and following the government guidelines. It is very difficult and pretty boring but it is needs must and the more islolated from each other we are then the sooner we can hopefully emerge from these dark days. As a group we have to applaud and assist our NHS who are on the frontline with all of the inherent dangers, whilst we stay away from each other to help them in their quest to beat this virus.

The Chairman of ESFA has released a statement which says that depending on the situation that the ESFA cup competitions will be completed wherever possible. That  could mean them taking place in September so with our two teams that have reached the final there is hope that we may be able to play the games. Understandably we may have to ask for special consideration to be given to some players for a variety of different reasons.

The County Schools FA will do the same with regard to our Individual schools competition again depending on the advice given by the government and the ESFA. You can only feel for those clubs who have had their seasons terminated, especially those who were certain of promotion but these are extraordinary times.

Stay safe.

Mar 19, 2020

Staffordshire Schools FA activity like all football has closed down because of the virus situation in the Uk. Now is a time for reflection and looking after oneself and family. No decisions have been made regarding what will happen regarding outstanding fixtures but there will be no activity before the end of April at the earliest.

We hope that all of our players parents teachers and their loved ones remain safe and well .

Mar 16, 2020

Following advice from the governing body and the government then all schools football under the jurisdiction of SSFA is now suspended until futher notice. This includes county representative teams and all individual schools cup competitions. Hopefully if we see some light at the end of this very dark tunnel then finals may be played in the summer term.

The Staffordshire Schools FA hopes everyone stays safe and well. Information and news will be posted here when it becomes available.

Feb 28, 2020

The Under 18 and Under 16 boys have reached the national inter county cup finals which are due to be played on the 8th or 9th of May at the Bet 365 Stadium, the home of Stoke City FC.

Staffordshire Schools wish to make this a very special occassion for the boys and one which will live long in their memories the results not withstanding.We are looking for companies to come forward to sponsor the boys warm up tops , playing kit and match balls. The games will receive lots of publicity and are being streamed live from the ground.

If you are able to help then please make contact through the website as the Association do not receive any funding for running representative sides.It is a great opportunity to be associated with schools football at the highest level.

Aug 11, 2015

@staffsschoolsfa will allow all to follow what is going on and will supplement the information available on the website.

Follow the account which is being run by Under 15 team Manager Bailey Evans.